Who we are

We are a father & son start-up company whose vision is to help other like-minded families in creating memories.  We take your vision and make it a family heirloom, to be enjoyed by all.  Whether it’s a new family cottage sign that you designed, or custom planters built specifically to your dimensions, to beautify your outside living space.  Everything we build, is a product of our client’s specific needs.  Just like the people we work for, no two projects we work on are exactly alike.  What we build is YOUR design.

What we do

We are all about custom work.  Taking an idea and just making it yours.  Wood, Steel, Concrete….or any other medium, we will work with you & take your vision to completion.  We are part of the North Forge community in Winnipeg, one of North Americas largest fabrication labs.  As such, we have access to some of the most advanced fabrication equipment including complete Woodworking & Metalworking shops, Laser Cutters, 3D Printing and a brand new $50,000.00 WaterJet for precision cutting of almost any material.  With our resources, we can literally build anything.

Where we work

We live in Winnipeg, but our cottage is in the Kenora region.  We will go wherever you are in the region.  From the design stage, we will work remotely and leverage today’s Technology such as Teams & Zoom to virtually meet & collaborate to share your ideas and our conceptual designs.  The finished product can either be picked up, or we can deliver right to you, following Provincial COVID-19 guidelines.  Safety is our priority.

Give us a call and let us make your dreams come true!

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